Jenny Truman

Jenny Truman LLB (Hons)


I have been a Performance Coach for over ten years.  Before this I was a Commercial Solicitor .

 I became a Performance Coach because of my fascination with psychology and elite sports performance.  Whilst the two professions may be poles apart, my academic background and power of analysis has helped me create  a mental skills training programme that transforms people's mentality with amazing and permanent results.  

The programme draws from different disciplines : sports psychology, neuro-linguistic programming,(NLP) cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) , performance coaching together with techniques used by American sports coaches.   If it works - then I  use it.


Mental skills training isn't just for the bad times in your sporting life : I believe  everyone can improve their mental performance.  Why wouldn't you ensure that you have the cutting edge .   Mental training is as important as physical training if you want to be the best you can be.

These are what my clients have said about my coaching

'I came to see Jenny feeling desperate because my nerves and panic were ruining how I played. Jenny taught me techniques to manage the pressure and focus differently. My coaches have seen a massive change in me in under six months and my mental game is so strong I have achieved my goal of playing for the British team.'

Your next question might be


Because a client recently said 'you have a real gift' when he lost his anxiety after only five sessions.  Rather than me being some kind of magician, it is because my coaching is research based, intelligent and supportive and  has taken years of study.  My clients also like  that I make it easy to understand and I can explain things in a simple and relevant way.  No jargon filled waffle ; but clear, straightforward direction which is easy to follow and gets results.

 If you want a coach who will inspire you and support you every step of the way then  you are in the right place because I love what I do and I know that it works. You will also enjoy it : I promise.

My professional background also means that I continue the high standards of confidentiality integrity and honour in my coaching practice.  

Jenny Truman,  LL.B (Hons) Performance Coach, Solicitor, NLP Practitioner .

“I found Jenny really approachable and felt comfortable straight away speaking about it all. . She helped me on everything. It was great, couldn’t have been better”
Jenny’s coaching was so different to what I expected. I was on the verge of giving up professional sport altogether. She was good fun and very easy to talk to. I really enjoyed it : great coach.
After trying two sports psychology coaches before Jenny I was at desperation point. Where I couldn’t relate to the others, I finally understood and was able to control my emotions better because Jenny not only understood exactly how I felt, she gave me easy to folllow advice and techniques.that made a difference.
I am so much happier competing after Jenny’s coaching. I am no longer the nervous one people could walk over but the one that people look up to. It has been amazing.
I quickly learned that I could be the confident player I had always wanted to be . I really enjoyed the coaching.