Due to the success of my telephone coaching, I am now doing more and more of this as I have found that most of my clients prefer it.  The advantage is that it fits in with your life better without the hassle of travelling  and many clients find that telephone coaching  helps them to concentrate on what is being said without the visual distraction.

My reservations about rapport being compromised by not being face to face have been totally unfounded.  I have received 100 per cent positive feedback and strong and supportive relationships have been formed in the same way as face to face. 

The telephone coaching sessions last for 60 mins and these are followed up by an email with a detailed summary of the session on the telephone together with at least one handout.   The handouts are invaluable to my clients and are a unique feature of my coaching.   They analyse what has been going on and give advice how to improve and exercises to follow.   When the coaching is completed they form a mental skills toolkit which is a record of your individual coaching and sports psychology based principles and techniques to support you in the future

Coaching sessions (face to face and telephone) last  one hour and the best results are achieved by having regular sessions (7 to 14 days apart) to begin with.  This is because you will be learning a different way of thinking and it is important to ensure you are not going off track .

Each session is prepared and carefully planned with your individual needs paramount.  They  are informative, enjoyable and you will be given a handout for each one together with practice exercises to do between appointments.  Don't worry, they are fun and uplifting. 

I offer coaching on a pay as you go, session by session basis where you can have as many or as few sessions as you like.   It is difficult to forecast how long it will take before change is permanent as it depends on the individual and the issues involved  but a very rough guide is a minimum of six sessions to an average maximum  of twenty.   


I also offer  Courses where I cover specific areas but also tailor them to suit your specific challenges along the way. . It can be  really useful to do a Course as people always discover things that they hadn't thought of or been aware of which have made a big  difference to their approach and success.

Currently on offer is

Confidence Course (10 sessions)  learn more

Mental Skills Performance Training (20 sessions)  learn more

Golfers Mental Game (6 sessions)  learn more


You will receive a handout for each coaching session which are invaluable to refer to and acts as reinforcement for the new thinking approach. .  When coaching is completed you will receive a Mental Skills Manual specifically written for your needs .  This is a  fantastic resource and contains the mental skills techniques and strategies together with the  exercises that you have learned during your coaching.  


I offer a free /no obligation introductory session for you to find out whether my Mental skills  Performance Coaching is for you. 

To book a free session or to find out more about any aspect , please contact me