When you can control your mind under the most intense pressure you can control the game.  This course is designed to give you the mental control you need to be a success.

It includes ten one hour, individual sessions, tailored to fit your needs together with your own Confidence Course Manual designed specifically for you.  You can do the course over the telephone or face to face.  After each session  you will be provided with a detailed summary of what has gone on in the session and a handout which will give you the relevant sports psychology information, the techniques for you to practice and personalised advice  relevant to your situation.  

People who have completed the course said

 “I learned the mental tools to help me in every situation and I am now much more mentally strong"

“I started to enjoy playing rather than dreading it after learning how to control my match day nerves”  


  •         More confidence    
  •         Greater self belief
  •         The best performance mind set
  •         Control anxiety and nerves 
  •         Better motivation and focus
  •         Mental toughness throughout the game 
  •         Prepare for  success
  •         The body language of winners

It will give you 

The mental skills to change your behaviour and mindset before, during and after the game.  It will also make you more enthusiastic and help you regain your self belief and enjoyment for your sport.


I offer a free no obligation introductory session for you so that you can decide whether this is for you. .

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