GOLFERS MENTAL GAme - 6 sessions 

“I can hit the perfect shot in practice but I go to pieces when I am playing a proper game”

If your head is getting in the way of you improving and enjoying your game  , this is the ideal quick confidence course for you.   This is a short, effective and game changing sports psychology foundation course.  


I will teach you how to

  •  Get into the best mental states to play – note there is not just one
  •  Control your anxiety and nerves
  •  Get the best pre shot routine
  •  Increase your confidence
  •  Recover after set backs
  •  Enjoy your game again


You will receive

  •  6 hourly sessions tailored to meet your needs at a time to suit you
  •  Handouts following each session
  •  Golfers Confidence Booster Manual on course completion


“It was amazing, after only three sessions I noticed a huge difference in my confidence and self belief. Jenny taught me how to enjoy my golf again. “

I do free introductory sessions for all my coaching - an opportunity to find out if it is for you. 


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