“My clients leave me with the tools to achieve their goals, overcome their limiting beliefs and the motivation and self belief  to get great results : most of all they leave happier ”
“I started seeing Jenny because I was struggling to perform due to panic before and during competitions.  I couldn’t focus on my game and I could only think about the prospect of losing.
Within 5 months my mental game was so strong that I made the England team and won 4 gold medals and a silver, breaking all records previously held.
I have been selected for the English team to play in the European Championships and I am over the moon.
Jenny taught me so many techniques to manage with the pressure whilst focussing on the positive areas of my performance and gave me fantastic visualisation exercises and routines to focus my mind."


I approached Jenny as my match day nerves were getting so bad that I considered giving up playing, even though I was getting paid to do so!   She gave me some really good exercises and routines to follow and I have now learned to cope with my anxiety and know where to focus my mind and how to make things better for myself. 
I really enjoyed the coaching sessions – Jenny is very understanding, supportive and makes the coaching really interesting and enjoyable.  I used to look forward to the coaching sessions as we had a good laugh even though we worked really hard and achieved lots.
"I went to see Jenny as I had had yet another melt down on the golf course and I knew that no amount of technical coaching was going to correct what was going on in my head.  
I am absolutely amazed at how quickly I improved and within weeks of coaching I was able to focus on the right things, stay calm and lose my anxiety.   I was taught techniques for calming and organising all the troubled thoughts going through my head when I felt under pressure.
I would say that Jenny really has a gift and the results were better than I ever imagined.   I can only say that it was a joy to be coached by Jenny." 

To protect my client’s privacy I have not published their names on the web – but if you would like to get in touch for clarification, I can arrange for them to contact you.