(15 one hour sessions)

This mental skills training course is the most in-depth and complete  course which covers every aspect of being mentally prepared to perform your best.   I am doing this course over the telephone and it is backed up by course material and detailed records of the telephone discussions.


It is ideally suited for those playing professional sport or wanting to achieve team or national selection as it covers preparation, the performance itself and recovery in more detail .

These are the thoughts of one of my youngest clients who at 16 years of age was selected for the British team and who completed the Sports Performance Course recently. 

"My mental game is stronger ...I don't get nervous, I don't find myself having negatives in my mind and if I do then I can change it to a positive"

 You can choose when and how frequently would like to attend your sessions (I recommend between 7 and 14 day intervals)

Each topic comes with a handout for you to refer to and you will get your own Mental Skills Performance Manual at the end of the Course which is a fabulous tool kit for you to refer to  in the future. 

There will be exercises to do between sessions, but don’t worry, these are good fun and enjoyable.

This is how it works

Part One :  Foundations

We prepare the way for a strong mental approach. If change is to be permanent we need to build from solid foundations.  We change bad thinking habits and  negative beliefs to improve your confidence and self- esteem.   This will let you focus on your game and not be distracted by inner-doubts or put off by set-backs.  

Part Two : Mental Preparation

We look at techniques like visualisation to help you mentally prepare for the game and how to get the best out of training. It includes getting into the best mental state and building confidence – a common theme throughout.

Part Three : For getting that great performance during the game itself

This section contains the strategies which will guide you through the game.  It is the support system to enable you to relax and focus on your performance.  It teaches you how to respond to set-backs during the game and maintain the best mental state throughout.

TopicS Covered

  •          Getting into the best mental state – before during and after the game
  •          Competition Nerves
  •          Self - Talk and Language
  •          Negative Beliefs
  •          Unhelpful thinking
  •          Challenging Negative Thoughts
  •          Visualisation
  •          Dealing with set- backs – during and outside the game
  •          Coping with pressure
  •          How to focus in high pressure situations
  •          Strategies for the competition day itself
  •          Performance Goals and Longer Term Goals
  •          Relaxation and Recovery
  •          Neuro Linguistic Programming and sports performance
  •          Reframing
  •          Positive Thinking


 I offer a free no obligation introductory session so that you can decide whether this is for you. 

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"The course made me change the way I have thought about the mental game.  I have realised it's more about the mental game than my technical skill.  I now know the way to go about situations and I have definitely changed for the better"
To protect my client's privacy, I have left the names off the quotes/tesimonials appearing on this site.  They can be verified by contacting me.