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Hi, my name is Jenny Truman and I am a Mental Skills and  Performance Coach offering Mental Strength Coaching  and Courses for individuals. I work with  sports people at all levels and all sports. 

  If  you are nervous, distracted, over-whelmed, over-thinking your game, unable to recover from mistakes, trying too hard or just lacking in confidence I can teach you the mental techniques to improve.  This includes managing your emotions during the competition, before and after and advice on how to prepare so that you achieve your sporting potential.

Performance coaching is not only for addressing problems, it is also used to improve your game. How?   Because it examines how you approach competitions, behave in between, whether you are in the best mental state to get your personal best when it matters the most.

I offer

  • one to one coaching sessions in person at my office and / or

  • telephone/skype coaching (where you receive mental toolkit hand-outs by e mail) followed by a 60 mins telephone coaching session. This means you can reach me from anywhere in the world!

I have written a successful manual called 'How to get your Best Performance' In my former career as a commercial lawyer, I learned how to analyse information and cut out the irrelevant quickly and clinically. .  This is vital given the vast amount of information out there which is often of little value..  

 Whilst I approach performance coaching from an academic standpoint,  one of my best points (so I am told) is being able to coach in an entertaining, enthusiastic and easy to understand way.  There is no boring jargon, waffle or padding, but pure enthusiasm and clear teachings.  I am of the Colin Powell school of thinking 'if you can't explain it to your Mother than you can't teach it'.  Also, I only use methods which have worked for my clients.  I know that what I teach  you works and have the results to prove it. 

All coaching sessions (face to face or telephone)are supplemented by a reports of the conversation and a mental skills  hand-out giving you practical information and knowledge and a bespoke mental skills tool kit.  (How to get your Best Performance) These  are based on a variety of  sports psychology methods  and proven performance enhancing methods. 

 Follow the links below to learn more about who I am, what I do, how I do it and from those that I have coached.   




About me

Find out more about me, my background,  my results and areas of expertise.

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What it is - how it works  - how it's done - what it gives you 

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MY blog

 What's on my mind - the sports psychology blog 

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Before ...

"I go onto the pitch thinking what if I play badly and make a fool of myself?   ...I dread match days"  

"If I make a mistake I go to pieces and lose the game  " read how my Performance Coaching made a difference

The After

“I have achieved my dream of being selected for the British team”  read more clients' success stories


 I have coached people at all levels, all sports and for a variety of reasons.  Their  goals have varied from being  being selected for the British team to being able to enjoy sport again without being shackled by nerves and self doubt. 


My Performance Coaching is tried and tested and based on years of my sports psychology study,  research and training and of course my coaching experience.  

 I teach you the best way to think and adopt the mental strength  to deal with every situation, pressure and distraction.  It really is about learning to think in a different way so that you can fulfil your potential rather than be stuck in habitual cycles of fear.

 I don't dwell on the 'why',  but teach  you how to change your thinking patterns and behaviour.  We all know 'you've got to be more confident.'or worse still "don't be nervous"  But this is meaningless with out being taught how. 

My coaching is for those who are keen to improve  : it is performance enhancement and  brilliant tool for those seeking to fulfil their goals.

What happens in the Coaching Sessions 

“I thought I would be lying on a couch crying about my childhood” said one of my clients.

It is nothing like this.  Read what it is really like .... 


Change  for life : not just  the short term

Change happens quickly and as one client said “I just  didn't  know how to think  and now I do “  As the change happens at the belief level , it is permanent rather than a temporary fix.  

don't give up 

When you are in a negative state with that horrible feeling that you could do better, life is frustrating and miserable.  You may even feel like giving up sport.  Nerves and lack of confidence can affect anyone even the most experienced and professional sportsmen and women.  It happens because we are human.  It  doesn't  have to be this way because you can change the way you think and feel ………you just need to know how.                                        

For managers and coaches

I also provide Performance Coaching for managers and coaches.

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 For privacy reasons I have not added my client's names to their quotes but if you would like clarification from them, I can arrange for them to contact you.